Black Powder Bison Company was started by good friends jeremy bowman and jay woytaz in 2017.  we run a strong, grass fed bison herd that is 100% natural.  located near the beautiful elora gorge in elora, ontario, we take pride in giving our herd the most comfortable, stress free environment possible.

our plains bison herd grazes on nearly 20 acres of pasture.  handling is kept to a minimum to avoid unnecessary stresses.  the pasture is a mix of alfalfa and timothy grasses.​ our pasture is split into 4 sections which allows us to take advantage of rotational grazing.  this means our herd always has access to fresh pasture and the fields are given time to naturally regenerate. 

we sell our 100% natural, grass fed meat at a small retail store located at the farm as well as through local restaurants and markets.